The recipes are Old World. The ingredients are the finest around. And our small batch approach is rooted in artistic nonconformity. Every Mortals Key beer starts with deep-well spring water from our hundred-acre farm. We then add a healthy dose of our proprietary pilsner malt to each recipe. The result is a taste as unique and inspirational as the name.

Mortals Key Kolsch

For our Mortals Key Kolsch we add three German Noble hops and the finest quality two row malted barley. The result is a light gold painted ale and frothy snowy head. Our Kolsch is unpasteurized, unfiltered and fermented at cellar temperatures. Its delicate German hop aroma leads to a light malt and balanced hop flavor. MK Kolsch finishes dry, crisp and refreshing. Enjoy this seasonal beer for any occasion.

5.9% ABV | 25 IBUs

Mortals Key Altbier

From the North Rhine region of Germany, comes the prized Noble Spalt hops of Dusseldorf. Our authentic process begins with these heralded hops from the North Rhine region. MK Altbier is a deep copper tint topped with a thick creamy canvas head. From first scent, the aroma is mellow with complexities of malt blended with traces of floral Noble hops. The treasured flavor is hop forward with a clean malt balance, a hint of sweetness and somewhat dry finish and medium body.

6% ABV | 30 IBUs

Mortals Key IPA

Mortals Key IPA is made with a generous amount of three varieties of American hops: Columbus, Chinook, and Centennial. Its floral aroma delivers a hint of herbal earth and a touch of malt caramel. Its flavor is a well-rounded bitterness of malt, caramel background and hops throughout the finish. Our MK IPA is a well-balanced, medium body beer.

7.1% ABV | 55 IBUs.

Mortals Key Porter

Our Mortals Key Porter starts with a dark mahogany, nearly opaque hue and a tan foamy head. The fragrance is a rich, deep roasted malty sweetness with hints of dried fruit and dark chocolate. On the tongue a complex sweet and heavy roast dominates the palette ending with a smooth creamy clean malt character. MK Porter delivers hints of black currant, dried fruit, caramel and roasted coffee. It’s 10 varieties of malts and three German Noble hops make our Porter a daring choice for the brave aficionado. It’s dense and medium full with a touch of warmth.

7.6% ABV | 27 IBUs


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